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If you let yourself get blinded by the immaterial materiality of glass, you will never get beyond the seduction and deceit of the material. Only when you consider glass as the material component of an immateriality, you will be able to overcome the functionality
and the mystery of the material in a fundamental way.

My work uses this viewpoint to question how we see ourselves and at the same time how others look at us. It’s about our perceptions and about the cultural environment that we live in. It questions our reality by connecting it with the virtual reality that we experience every day as images on a screen. How real are these images? Are they real enough so we can learn something about our own existence? Or are they just another confusing element in a world that gets more and more complex every minute?

To raise these questions, I manipulate LCD-TV screens in order to make the image disappear, resulting in a blue-lit screen. Simultaneously, the sculpture is capturing a video of the viewer. This video only becomes visible in the reflection of the screen. So you do not see an image where you expect it, but it appears where you do not expect it. Sometimes it’s positive, sometimes it’s negative, sometimes you see both. This phenomenon is not based on complex technology but rather on basic physics.

Virtual reality is another aspect of reality. Technology reveals more of our world, but only if you’re able to consider it as the material component of an immateriality.